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Before and After: The Mine Office Update

See how Cassandra LaValle turned a beige corporate office into an inviting space 

Produced by Julianne Hilmes

In honor of the brand's re-launch, Michelle Newbery, president of The Mine, worked with Cassandra LaValle of Coco Kelley to upgrade her beige corporate office. Utilizing product from and Michelle's desire for a fresh, friendly, and inspiring work space, Cassandra went to work.

Michelle's office before the makeover

Before: There was a lot of unutilized space in the sea of beige

New carpet and a fresh coat of white paint gave the office a clean slate and set the stage for the blue-and-white palette Cassandra wanted to work with. "I'm a huge fan of this palette," she says. "Blue is so calming, and once I found those gorgeous armchairs on The Mine, it all fell into place!"

After: A fresh color palette and designated zones make the most of the square footage

To better utilize the space, the office was broken up into four distinct areas—one, , is for rela, and the others are, as Michelle refers to them  "the meeting zone, the stand-up zone, and the one-on-one collaboration zone." 

 serves as a desk in the one-on-one zone.  provide a cozy seat during collaboration.

offer a spot to take a break. Pale wood tones used throughout, like that on the , help keep the office feeling light and quiet.

In the meeting zone, gather around a —a chic alternative to a conference table.  illuminates the work surface. Drapery panels in the corner soften the room and add a homey touch.

"I can see the difference in employees who come to meet with me," Michelle says about her new office. "They seem more comfortable and more engaged. Now, the first thing I often hear from first-time visitors is, 'I love your office!' It sets a great tone for the conversations and meetings."