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Beautiful Waterfront House Remodel

A family converts its weekend waterfront getaway to a charming year-round home.

Written by Krissa Rossbund
  • Gordon Beall

    Dining chairs ("Chelsea Side Chairs"/Natural Teak #C014; "Chelsea Armchairs"/Natural Teak #C015): Kingsley-Bate Ltd., 703/361-7000,
    Sofa ("Armada" #3330-6300): Brown Jordan, 800/743-4252,
    Striped floor: Fine Art Finishes, 202/544-3142.
    Table; shell chargers: owner's collection.
    Blue plates: Ralph Lauren Home, 888/475-7674,

  • Gordon Beall

    Four upholstered chairs ("Claremont Chairs" #32/48532.08); trim on chairs ("Dorsett Gimp"/Indigo #39081-282): Brunschwig & Fils, 800/538-1880.
    Chair fabric: discontinued.
    Ottoman (#6101-40): Charles Stewart Co., 828/322-9464, fabric ("Nautique Stripe"/Blue #50680): Schumacher, 800/523-1200,
    Floral accent pillows: discontinued.
    Trim for floral pillows (#T30343-1): Kravet, 888/457-2838,
    Eagle mirror: owner's collection.
    Wall sconces ("Original Wall Storm Lights" #W4-040, by Besselink & Jones): Blanche P. Field, LLC, 800/895-0714,
    Area rug ("Conway"/sisal): Stark Carpet, 212/752-9000.
    Drapery ("Panama"/Bianco #84206-01); drapery contrast fabric ("Liso Jerez Woven"/Esmalte #82333-239): Brunschwig & Fils, 800/538-1880.
    Drapery trim (Wide Picot Braid"/Dark Blue #5026-01): Cowtan & Tout, 212/647-6900.
    Drapery hardware: JK Drapery, 703/941-3788.
    Paint ("White Dove"): Benjamin Moore & Co., 888/236-6667.
    Built-ins: existing.

  • Gordon Beall

    Chairs ("Muji Lounge Chairs" #6103): Baker, 800/592-2537,
    Chair fabric ("Nautique Stripe"/Blue #50680): Schumacher, 800/523-1200,
    Sofa ("Lancaster Sofa" #8839): Rist Corp., 202/646-1540.
    Fabric ("Massimo Woven Texture"/Blue #89508-222, colorway discontinued): Brunschwig & Fils, 800/538-1880.
    Coffee table ("John Co. Bamboo Leg Coffee Table" #814, by British Khaki): British Khaki/Robert Lighton, 212/343-2299,
    Lamps behind sofa ("Balustrade Bedside Lamp in Crystal" #CHA 8939CG): Visual Comfort & Co., 713/686-5999. Available through Circa Lighting, 877/762-2323,
    Accent pillow on striped chair: discontinued.
    White trim (#32429-9001, discontinued): Houlès, 310/652-6171,
    Blue trim ("Dorsett Gimp"/Indigo #39081-282): Brunschwig & Fils, 800/538-1880,

  • Gordon Beall
  • Gordon Beall

    Cabinetry; range; refrigerator; backsplash; sink; faucet: Kitchen Encounters, 410/263-4900,
    Lighting above island ("Sloane Street Shop Light Ceiling Mount Fixture"/Antique Nickel #CHC5101AN); shades (linen): Visual Comfort & Co., 713/686-5999. Through Circa Lighting, 877/762-2323.
    Counter stools ("Tuscan" #F0428, by Jane Keltner Designs): Brighton Pavilion, 800/487-8033,
    Seat fabric ("Bay"/Yellow, White #1-2537-148): JAB, 212/486-1500,
    Cord trim on seat cushions ("Spring Lake Small Cord on Tape"/Buttercup #39091-303): Brunschwig & Fils, 800/538-1880.

  • Gordon Beall

    Window-seat cushion, pillow ("Marguerite II"/Buttercup Bluebell #8812A-0110): Stroheim, 800/763-0524,
    Cord trim (#31202-9666, discontinued): Houlès, 310/652-6171.
    Yellow-and-blue striped pillow ("Banana-Azure" #6553-26, colorway discontinued): B. Berger, 800/288-3586,
    Blue-and-white striped pillow ("On Deck"/Lagoon #25854-503): Kravet, 888/457-2838.
    Yellow paint ("Lemon Drops" #2019-50): Benjamin Moore & Co., 888/236-6667.

  • Gordon Beall

    Round table; chairs; chair-seat fabric: owner's collection.
    Paint on round table ("White Dove"): Benjamin Moore & Co., 888/236-6667.
    Floral pillow: discontinued.
    Chandelier ("Italian Chandelier, 12-arm"/Chalk Rust): Niermann Weeks, 212/319-7979,
    Window shades ("Panama"/Bianco #84206-01); contrast fabric on valance ("Liso Jerez Woven"/Esmalte #82333-239): Brunschwig & Fils, 800/538-1880.
    Valance trim ("Wide Picot Braid"/Dark Blue #5026-01); window-seat cushion: discontinued.
    Cord trim on seat cushion (#31181-9696, discontinued): Houlès, 310/652-6171.
    Two-tone pillow fabric ("Arles"/Blue #F3323-01): Cowtan & Tout, 212/647-6900.
    Trim ("Bhutan"/12 inch): Fabricut, 800/999-8200.
    Fabric pillows ("Nautique Stripe"/Blue #50680): Schumacher, 800/523-1200,
    Area rug ("Conway"/sisal): Stark Carpet Corp., 212/752-9000,

  • Gordon Beall

    Headboard: JK Drapery, 703/941-3788.
    Headboard fabric ("Snow White" #3609-00); bed skirt and bed drapery lining ("Chambray" #3607-67): B. Berger, 800/288-3586,
    Blue-patterned pillow shams, bed cover, and chair fabric ("Sutton"/Blue #J376F-07, by Jane Churchill); checked bed drapery (discontinued); bed drapery trim; bed-skirt trim (discontinued): Cowtan & Tout, 212/647-6900.
    Mirror over bed: vintage.
    Wall paint: Fine Art Finishes, 202/544-3142.
    Ceiling and trim paint ("Dove White"): Benjamin Moore & Co., 888/236-6667.
    Drapery ("Belfast"/Off White, White #2896226): Fabricut, 800/999-8200.
    Trim ("Melissa Loop Fringe"/White, Periwinkle #LF22014/2): Schumacher, 800/523-1200,
    Upholstered chair ("Club Chair" #8210-00): The Charles Stewart Co., 828/322-9464.
    Chandelier (by Bella Figura): Lee Jofa, 800/453-3563.
    Bedside tables ("3-Tier Painted Rectangular End Tables with Blue Trim" #LE158PSR-BL): The Kellogg Collection,
    Table lamps ("Lilford Glass Urn" #GL16/BR); shade (#SCL/17-inch ACF in Cream Silk): Vaughan Designs, 212/319-7070,
    Carpet ("Erica"/French Blue): Stark Carpet Corp., 212/752-9000.
    Bedding: Susan Steele Embroidery, 301/765-0966.

  • Gordon Beall
  • Gordon Beall
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